Diwali Celebration by Serving Happiness To The Tribals of Narmada

Happiness is celebrating Diwali by serving happiness to the tribals of our beautiful Narmada region.

I felt myself really blessed by volunteering in free dental camp organized by DrVarun Vasava and his team at Khochrapada village near Sagbara and serve the tribals. There are hundreds of villages in rural Narmada who do not have access to basic healthcare facilities. Even they don’t have basic awareness about dental healthcare and dental treatment is too costly which they can’t afford. My dear friend Dr.Varun who belong from this region regularly conduct free dental camp since last 7 years. He has treated more than 6000 patients for free. He is also building small dental clinic in his village to provide free dental treatment to poor tribal people of this region.

Through Narmada Prerna Yatra ( Rural Tourism Edition ) we are also trying support such projects and role models who are working selflessly for the rural tribal people of this region.

To support or donate or be volunteer in this project you can contact us at: www.servehappiness.org




Empowering Rural Tribal Artisans

Posted by Nitin Tailor on Thursday, October 25, 2018

The Tribal population in Gujarat is mainly concentrated in the eight districts along the eastern border of the state. 96% live in The Dangs, Valsad, Surat, Bharuch, Vadodara, Panchmahals, Sabarkantha and Banaskantha. The tribal region extends from Sabarkantha district through Panchmahals down to Surat, Valsad and The Dangs. About 92% of the scheduled tribes are from the rural areas.

The Kotwalias tribe of South Gujarat is generally landless people who primarily depend on bamboo basket making for their livelihood. Their products include split bamboo mats (Palas), threshing trays (Topla) and baskets (Supra). Some Kotwalia communities still reside within forest areas while others have shifted to agricultural villages but maintain their traditional cottage industry. In the past, Kotwalia communities received low prices from contractors and middle men for their products. Efforts have been made to break this exploitative relationship by harvesting and supplying bamboo quotas to basket making communities and guaranteeing a market by buying back their products.

The bamboo work provides employment to the entire family with the minimum of investment and an industry is running in the Dangs District of Gujarat. The Bamboo industry is useful in tribal areas because it needs minimum amount of investment and provides comparatively maximum amount of return.

We at Serve Happiness Foundation firmly believe that it’s our moral responsibility to preserve our art, culture and heritage by supporting our artisans and promoting their arts/products.

Let’s empower our rural artisans by buying their eco friendly products in this diwali 😊

Let’s Empower Rural India with Digital India


Digital revolution plays vital role in any nation’s development.And Digital India is a great step to bring our nation forward in the league of developed nations. But still in India digital revolution is more required in our villages which can strengthen them and connect them with real world. After working for about 5 years now in social sector i found our rural India is much richer than big metro cities. The only thing they are missing the connectivity with the rest of the world and Digital India can play major role in this. On 20th June 2015 when i got an honor to meet Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam , i asked the question how we can develop villages and the youth of rural India and he answered very precisely in 4 words: Infrastructure, Knowledge, Financial and Technology connectivity. And these 4 connectivity possible with Digital India.

I am fortunate enough to contribute towards digital India through some of the projects i have worked with HMP Foundation in rural areas of Bharuch-Narmada district.

1. Rural Geographic Information System: This project we started with the intention to map health and education statistic of Bharuch-Narmada district. In this project i have worked with world’s renown ESRI company. The whole idea was to map health and education status of rural part of Bharuch-Narmada district so that we can provide help in particular villages accordingly. I am thankful to Intel company who provided us Intel Classmate PC using which my field office used to visit villages periodically and feed the real data in our system which help us to make various decisions.

2. Computer Education Center: Computer education becomes necessity in today’s life but still in our rural students are not getting proper computer education through which they can compete in the real world. After doing computer literacy survey and research in villages, we have opened computer education center to provide computer literacy for village students.

2. Career Counseling System: Being studying in rural school i always found that the biggest drawback which students of rural India facing is lack of proper career counseling. They are not aware of career options available in the real world. With the help of Maa Foundation, Vapi we have conducted and guide so many schools in rural areas of Bharuch district using computerized career counseling system.

Eco Tourism: A sustainable approach to empower tribal/rural youth


Eco tourism is making significant positive contributions to the environmental, social, cultural and economic well-being of destinations and local communities around the world. Eco tourism provides effective economic incentives for conserving and enhancing bio-cultural diversity and helps protect the natural and cultural heritage of our beautiful planet. By increasing capacity building opportunities, Eco tourism is also an effective vehicle for empowering local communities around the world to fight against poverty and to achieve sustainable development.

Our Narmada region in Gujarat state is blessed with scenic beauty surrounded by the holy Narmada River, Karjan River, streams, valleys, Satpura Mountain range, thick teak forests, evergreen banana and sugarcane plantations. Through Serve Happiness Foundation We are trying to help local tribal people to promote rural/eco tourism in this region and generate livelihood opportunities for the tribal youth. During my recent visit to interior areas of Narmada region I had interacted with tribal youth and explained them how they can earn through rural tourism.

We would announce our first Narmada Rural Tour soon with the prime objective to empower tribal youth and promote rural tourism in a sustainable way.

Happy Engineer’s Day To All

“Cramming may get you past 4 years in college but it will screw your next 40 years.” -Rancho, 3 Idiots. This movie gave us very important lesson about what is real engineering and current scenario of engineering education in our nation. In our country where every one is running behind engineering education very few really understand what really an engineer is all about.

An engineer is the person who always believe to make the things work. But unfortunately after completing 4 years degree, electrical engineers have to call electricians to fix up the electricity problems in his/her home. But we also have amazing engineer like Sir M. Visvesvaraya in whose memory on his birthday, 15 September is celebrated as Engineer’s Day in India every year. Great engineers like Alan Turing , James Watt dedicated their lives for bettering humanity with their engineering creations because for them its more about passion not profession. But nowadays its hardly to find such great engineers because of lack of quality engineering education.

Apart from few engineering institutes engineering education just became a medium of business investment. They only focus on intake of students rather than providing quality education and promoting innovations in colleges. Engineers plays vital role and add lots of value in nation building whether its science, technology, construction, aerospace, missile technology, dairy technology or agro technology. But when we take admission in engineering we only focus on degrees which can earns us more money and neglecting education like dairy technology, space technology , Agri technology which can create lots of value for our nation. Some people takes admission in particular branch because of peer and societal pressure which in turn create an engineer without knowledge and interest. Because all have same question “What IF?” Let’s not bother about this fear and start living your dreams and following your passion and become an engineer who can Serve Happiness in the world.

Wishing Happy Engineers Day to all the engineers for whom engineering is more about passion than profession

Sustainable Development Goals 2030

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) (or Global Goals for Sustainable Development) are a collection of 17 global goals set by the United Nations Development Programme. The formal name for the SDGs is: “Transforming our World: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.” That has been shortened to “2030 Agenda.” The goals are broad and interdependent, yet each has a separate list of targets to achieve. Achieving all 169 targets would signal accomplishing all 17 goals. The SDGs cover social and economic development issues including poverty, hunger, health, education, global warming, gender equality, water, sanitation, energy, urbanization, environment and social justice.

Here’s my submission for #2030Challenge for Sustainability. I have started happiness bag campaign to reduce plastic bag pollution in my city Bharuch, promoting cycling amongst youth to reduce pollution and traffic in my city and promoting organic farming to save mother earth.

Anyone and Everyone can take this challenge by following these simple steps!

Step 1: Do something that’s good for mother earth and nature.
Step 2: Upload a photo or a minute video in the comments section below and on your social media, tagging #2030Challege.
Step 3: Let’s inspire others to Serve Happiness to our mother earth and nature.

Happy Birthday to Udaybhai ( Role Model, Sabarmati Prerna Yatra )

Happiness is wishing happy birthday to Uday Sinh Jadav my dear happy friend and our role model of Sabarmati Prerna Yatra

Udaybhai has started “Ahmedabad no Rickshawalo” on 21st October 2010, the auspicious day of Dushhera, with the concept of gift-economy in mind. The idea behind gift-economy is that someone before you has paid for your travel; now you have to pay-it-forward for the subsequent passengers. Udaybhai, after every trip, provides the passenger with a self-written greeting card-cum-envelope in which the passenger will place the amount of his/her choice.

Born and brought up in Ahmedabad, with a family of 10 – parents, 3 kids, wife, brother, sister and her son, Udaybhai comes from a very middle class family with a load of responsibilities. It takes a lot of guts to jump into something like this for a person with this kind of a family background. But his conviction on his beliefs, determination to add love to his work and some pleasant experiences when customers hear about his idea, drives him to continue with the concept.

May Maa Narmada bless him more power to Serve Happiness and kindness in the world 😊 Hope to meet him soon in
Sabarmati Prerna Yatra 😊

किसी की मुस्कुराहटों पे हो निसार
किसीका दर्द मिल सके तो ले उधार
किसीके वास्ते हो तेरे दिल में प्यार
जीना इसी का नाम है 😊

Watch him : https://youtu.be/zvEeRJD_Q84

Gurupurnima- A day to remember the great teachers of our life

गुरूःब्रम्हा गुरूःविष्णु गुरूःदेवो महेश्वरा गुरूःसाक्षात परःब्रम्ह तस्मै श्री गुरुवे नमः | (The teacher is like ultimate God)

The word “Guru” in Sanskrit is translated as “Gu” means “darkness of ignorance” and “Ru” means “one who removes”. Hence the Guru dispels the darkness of ignorance and leads the aspirants on the path to enlightenment. In our life we require Guru The person who will shows us the right path to enlightenment. But in today’s world it’s not easy to find such real Gurus. At some point of time in dark period of my life i was also searching for such Guru. During that time i came across lots of fake saints who called themselves as Gurus and exploit people in fear of God, Graha etc. But it’s rightly said “When the Student is Ready, the Teacher Appears.” In such a way two real great Gurus appears in my life Swami Vivekananda and Dr APJ Abdul Kalam. Their thoughts inspired me and gave my life new direction to Serve Happiness and inspire others in this world.

I am blessed and fortunate enough in my life that i could offer my Guru Daxina to my both Gurus
1. In 2014 I won Gold medal and Entrepreneur of The Year award which i have offered to Swamiji.
2. In 2015 I got honor to meet Dr. Kalam sir and presented my work of Narmada Prerna Yatra (Gramin Yuva Edition) and launched report with his esteemed signature.

They both are not physically present in this world. But eternally I talk to them and getting inspiration daily. Today on the auspicious and pious day of Guru Purnima i offer my gratitude to them and all my teachers.


On the auspicious occasion of Gurupurnima, we have gifted 12 pairs of skating shoes to Mr. Kamlesh Kosamia, Principal of Sardar Nagar Primary School Valia for tribal kids of his school. Kamlesh bhai is one of the role model of Narmada Prerna Yatra who has created amazing learning environment in his Govt school for tribal kids. He has developed small its kind of first basket ball and skating ground in his school so that village children can also develop sports skills. Today on this auspicious day of Guru Purnima I am feeling blessed to support his noble efforts on behalf of Serve Happiness Foundation.

Changemaker of Sabarmati Prerna Yatra Serving Happiness

We are very proud on our change maker Pradip Shah ( Age-62 Retd Banker, Ahmedabad ) who has participated in 1st edition of Sabarmati Prerna Yatra  organized during 28st-31st July 2016 and became part of inauguration of Kalam Library of Gujarat in Lilapur village in Ahmedabad.

He was so inspired with the mission that he took an oath and told me that he would start such library after the yatra. And within space of 6 months, he has facilitated the launch of Kalam Library at Seva Vidhalay, Chithoda Taluka, Vijayanagar District, Sabarkantha, Gujarat.

Recently Pradip Shah and his team has set up  2nd Kalam library at Smart Gabat village under the initiative of Smart Village program.

I am heartily thankful to Pradip Shah for his great efforts and support to make this possible. You are truly an inspiration for all and your initiative would definitely inspire youth across India who participate in after our Prerna Yatras to do something meaningful in society and Serve Happiness in nation and world at large !


Narmada Prerna Yatra ( A Journey of Awakening ) 16-19th Aug 2018

Narmada region in Gujarat state is blessed with scenic beauty surrounded by the Satpuda Mountains range, thick teak forests of Shulpaneshwar, and region sugarcane and banana farms in the lap of holy river Maa Narmada. During this 4 days yatra we would visit amazing role models and organizations working in the field of Community Health, Education, Agriculture, Dairy Technology and bringing positive change in the society. We would also explore beautiful eco tourism and royal heritage places of Narmada region. Occasional halts for fun, adventure and visits to ancient temples are also planned to make yatra more lively ! You would also get an opportunity for meaningful conversation with the role models and change makers across India and discuss ideas to serve happiness in the world.

So far 200 change makers from all walks of life ( Students, Scientist, Engineers, Entrepreneurs, Farmers, Corporate Professionals, Doctors, Indian Navy, Academician and many more ) across 18 states of India became part of our yatra family.

Be the change. Be the part this journey of awakening Narmada Prerna Yatra during 16-19th Aug 2018.

Apply Online: www.servehappiness.org